About Batch Cookbook

The goal of Batch cookbook is to make preserving accessible for newcomers while sharing recipes, techniques and inspiration with experienced home preservers. The book will share everything you need to know about 7 methods of preserving:

Waterbath canning (including jams, jellies, vinegar pickles)

Pressure canning (canned vegetables, soups and stocks)

Dehydrating (fruit slices and leather, granola, dried mushrooms, and candied citrus rind)

Fermenting (Kimchi, sauerkraut, mead, deli pickles)

Cellaring (techniques and recipes for quick pickles and jams as well as using your freezer, fridge, windowsill or garage to keep food longer)

salt and smoke (bacon, duck prosciutto, preserved lemons, lime pickles)

Infusing (flavored vinegar and booze)

Batch allows you to choose the technique(s) that interest you and provide you with all the knowledge you need to get started. We also share 3 different formats of preserving recipes that will change how many people preserve.

Batch Cookbook

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