Superfood Tea Blends & Adaptogen Blends to heal, soothe, energize & de-stress. Lake & Oak use 100% organic herbs, fruits, roots and plants forever and always. They never use "natural flavours" or sweeteners (eva eva).

Committed to sustainable business practices with their loose leaf blends, recyclable and reusable packaging, and partnerships with low waste refilleries.

Sun Mylk
Turmeric latte adaptogen blend.
An ultra delicious golden milk elixer with adaptogens maca + ashwagandha.

Mega Matcha 
Premium quality ceremonial matcha, with the added adaptogen boost from maca and ashwagandha. It’s a rockin’ mood in a cup.

Turmeric Ginger Tonic
Superfood tea blend
Immunity hero. Skin's best friend. Free-radical scavenging sunshine in your mug.

Gut Love
Boost beauty from the inside out with this knockout blend that soothes the gut, tames inflammation, and promotes detoxification.

Ashwagandha + Chill
The chill-est tea in the game. Ashwagandha, Skullcap, and Chamomile make up this soothing blend of superherbs, lowering cortisol levels and bolstering well-being.

Chaga Coconut Chai
The chai with it’s own fan club. This comforting blend is rockin’ chaga mushrooms, tulsi and ginger, for a sip that’s pleasantly spicy and sweet. Rooibos makes it a natural caffeine-free dream, great for mellowing out at any time of day.

Rose Schisandra Glow
Boost beauty from the inside-out with this hydrating blend that’s dripping with hibiscus, rosehip & super berry schisandra. With a ruby red tint and fruity feel, it’s like a plant-powered, adaptogenic kool-aid in your mug.

Mint Cacao Bliss
A nourishing take on your evening sweet fix, this Mint Cacao Bliss tea sneaks in the beauty-boosting benefits of antioxidant powerhouse Raw Cacao, soothing Peppermint and nutty Rooibos.
It’s like cozy, (healthy!) dessert in a cup.

Super Green
This green goddess was designed to keep you going (and glowing) all day, with free-radical scavenger green tea, Japanese matcha, and adaptogenic moringa leaf. Refreshing lemongrass and lemon myrtle bring balance to every energizing and detoxifying sip.

Lake & Oak Superfood Teas & Adaptogen Blends