Olive Wood Honey Jar With Dipper made from a single block of olive wood, seamless and nonporous. Measures 4 x 4 x 5.5 inches Olivewood honey jar that comes complete with a honey dipper ready to use for adding honey to your tea, ice cream or cereal. Handmade with 100% of Mediterranian Olive Wood. 

Each olive wood products are handcrafted and perfected by Olive Wood Glory in Calgary, who transforms a rough tree outline into a finished masterpiece. Once the olive wood is sanded and polished, the finished item is coated with olive oil and honeybees wax to give it a natural shine and ensure longevity.

Please keep in mind that all wood pieces, although closely same in color, differ from one another. This is one of a kind item, impossible to reproduce exactly as it is.

Olive Wood Honey Pot with Dipper